To America’s four corners writer Talora Michal
crossed state borders to help end the brawls.

Hear from neighbors, average people who care,
on-screen can be found the solutions they share;

to end argument squawks we need good conversation,
round-table talks, a peaceful collection

of ideas from all sides, from every perspective--
minds open wide, not closed and protected.

Students and teachers together on screen
join the homeless and preachers attempting to glean

truth. This assembled piece is a primary mosaic,
an offering for peace. Now, we just need to finish it!

On knees we implore: please, spare a dime?
We must now pay the editors for their talent and time.

Please make a donation. Don’t hesitate!
Every dollar helps: please, help us be great!

This economy is rough; almost everyone’s broke.
If donating is tough then our greatest hope

is help from people who deeply care.
With computers you’re able: get the message out there!

We need to raise $15,000: won’t you champion our cause?

Production of the film was financed by personal investments of the producers and individual contributions from supporters of the project. $2500 has been raised towards the additional $17,000 needed for postproduction.

All industry professionals contracted to work on this film have graciously agreed to complete work for 25% or less than the standard rate: out of love and a passion for the film’s message.

Additional funding for post-production is now being sought through grants and the generosity of individual funders.

Join us in giving the 99% a voice.