America's problems: here's a positive spin.
The movie Four Corners proposes win-wins.

In 2012, educator Talora Michal took a sabbatical from the classroom and teamed up with I am Spartacus Entertainment to collect win-win solutions to America's most polarized problems. While the actual interviews were conducted in six states--California, Oregon, Nevada, Louisiana, Florida, and New York--perspectives from every region of the country were captured.

In Four Corners, dozens of citizens of all ages from diverse backgrounds and political perspectives speak on camera to give their impressions of what most ails our nation, and share proposals for solutions to squabbling. Several speakers address the prejudices and attitudes that are at the root of those conflicts that pepper headlines; notions that are normally kept dormant in the era following the rise of political correctness in the 1990s are spoken about on camera with candor.

Among the speakers are clergy of all faiths who provide a context for understanding the ideology backing social debates, and do their best to offer guidance to heal a nation divided.

Welded together, the message--while sometimes hard to hear--is hopeful. Four Corners is an investment in each other--especially neighbors who are different from us that we may be inclined to tune out--with hope that the conversation will be a springboard for peace.

Georgia Van Cuylenburg

Executive Producer

Georgia Van Cuylenburg is an actress, writer, comedian, and producer. Her first documentary Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down was an official selection in DocMiami International, Los Angeles International Women's Film Festival and won The Human Interest Awards at the Monaco Film Festival. Her documentary has also been profiled on ABC’s 20/20, The Doctors, and The Huffington Post. Hailed by KTLA as "the Oprah for kids", Georgia's quest is to spread her message of love and positivity world-wide. A philanthropist, Georgia is tounder and executive director of the non profit organization Arts Bridging the Gap that provides Arts Education for underserved youth in order to bridge the achievement gap. The CEO of I am Spartacus Entertainment, LLC is actively involved in providing scholarships in the arts of children in lower income areas. Currently, Georgia is working with the Swedish company Starbreeze Studios on global events and Virtual Reality business development.

Talora Michal


Talora Michal is an author, director and ELA educator with two degrees in writing: a BA from The University of Central Florida and an MFA from Antioch University. Talora has eight years of experience teaching students in grades 8-12 and college, along with an additional year of instructional experience developing and presenting suicide prevention classes to students and Gatekeepers in the Greater New Orleans area. Through I Am Spartacus Entertainment, Talora wrote, directed, and co-executive produced the short documentary One Voice, a conversation about the American vote of which Four Corners is the parent project. This feature documentary is Talora's contribution towards making the world a better place to be, and she dedicates this film to every student she has had the honor to know in her professional career as a teacher.

Eric Santiestevan


Eric Santiestevan began writing songs on guitar and piano in high school. In college, he sang in the Harvard Krokodiloes, one of the oldest and most prestigious male college vocal ensembles, and began to arrange a capella music in jazz and swing styles, choral music, and instrumental jazz. He also began to write electronic music and formed a series of rock bands.He has completed the certificate program in film and television music composition through UCLA Extension, under the tutelage of Lee Sanders, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, Robert Drasnin, Norman Ludwin, and Thom Sharp. Since then he has composed music for feature length documentaries, comedies, and horror films, short films, and webisodes. Eric was proud to invest his talents to create the score for the I Am Spartacus Entertainment voting short One Voice.

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